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      Aluminum Scaffold Towers

        Aluminum Scaffold Towers: Safe, Efficient, WorkSafeBC Compliant

        Welcome to Matakana Scaffolding, where safety and efficiency converge through our top-of-the-line Aluminum Scaffold Towers. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern construction and maintenance, our scaffolding solutions not only elevate your work efficiency but also ensure your job site is WorkSafeBC compliant.

        Aluminum mobile towers with adjustable platforms

        Adherence to WorkSafeBC Safety Regulations

        In compliance with WorkSafeBC Code 13.6, our aluminum scaffold towers offer a secure work platform, ideal for situations where ladder use is hazardous or impractical. With aluminum scaffold towers, you can confidently address the following safety regulations:

        13.6 (1) Work Platform Provision:

        Our scaffold towers provide a stable and secure platform, ensuring workers can perform their tasks safely when ladder use is deemed unsafe or inefficient.

        13.6 (2) Safe Ascent and Descent:

        The design of our towers eliminates the need for workers to carry heavy or bulky objects up and down ladders, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall site safety.

        Aluminum Scaffold Towers Single Width

        0.85m x 2.5m x Various Platform Heights Available

        Multi-purpose mobile towers for diverse project needs
        Lightweight and easy-to-assemble portable scaffold for quick tasks
        Durable mobile towers for professional construction use

        Aluminum Scaffold Towers Double Width

        1.45m x 2.5m x Various Platform Heights Available

        Aluminum mobile towers with adjustable platforms
        Compact and lightweight portable scaffold for tight spaces
        Heavy-duty aluminum mobile towers for large-scale projects

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        Superior Efficiency With Aluminum Mobile Towers

        Lightweight, strong, and versatile, our aluminum mobile towers are the epitome of efficient and safe construction tools. These towers are easily maneuverable, allowing for quick adjustments and relocations on-site, saving time and minimizing labor effort.

        Worker ascending aluminum mobile tower on construction site
        Mobile Scaffold Tower Safety Harness Clip Job Site Safety British Columbia

        Rolling Tower: Mobility Meets Safety

        Our rolling towers, designed with movement and stability in mind, provide a flexible and safe solution for dynamic work environments. The ease of relocating these rolling scaffolds makes them perfect for projects requiring frequent shifts in working locations.

        Versatile Mobile Scaffold Solutions

        Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, our mobile scaffolds cater to a variety of project requirements. Available in multiple configurations, our scaffolds are designed to ensure maximum safety while providing the flexibility needed for diverse construction and maintenance tasks.

        Close-up of aluminum mobile towers’ locking mechanism
        Construction crew using a mobile scaffold for exterior work

        Portable Scaffold: The Ideal Baker Scaffold Alternative

        Our portable scaffolds, known for their compactness and ease of use, are ideal for smaller spaces and quick tasks. These units offer the stability and reliability required for safe operation, aligning with WorkSafeBC’s safety standards.

        Commitment to WorkSafeBC Compliance

        Safety is at the forefront of our operations. We ensure that all our scaffolding solutions, especially our aluminum scaffold towers, adhere to WorkSafeBC's safety standards, providing a secure working environment for all users.

        Partner with Matakana Scaffolding

        Choose Matakana for scaffolding solutions that guarantee efficiency, safety, and compliance. Our aluminum scaffold towers are designed to keep your job site safe and WorkSafeBC compliant.

        Elevate Safely with Matakana Scaffolding

        “Ensure your job site is WorkSafeBC compliant” with Aluminum Scaffold Towers, manufactured by SSP Global. Contact us today to find out how our scaffolding solutions can support your next project while adhering to the highest safety standards. Elevate your work with confidence and compliance with Matakana, the trusted name in scaffolding.

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