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      Our Expertise

      Well trained
      safe competent scaffolders


        Our ingredients for a safe scaffold are trained, competent scaffolders, quality materials and committed management. To provide the best access solutions we use either System Scaffold or Tube and Fitting which is erected by our trained scaffolders. Our work practices and methods give us the flexibility to provide access anywhere, safely.

        Tube and Fitting Scaffolding- Traditional Scaffold constructed from steel tubes and varied fittings offers total flexibility with lift heights, positions of standards and tie locations. It is infinitely flexible to fit the requirements of the user.


        Scaffolding is a recognized stand alone trade with established training programs and courses in many countries. The gold standard in Scaffolding is The British Standards. Workers are trained in specific skills and types of scaffolds and learn from the ground up. They say it takes 2 years to ‘visualize a job’.

        Usually a worker can undertake ‘Basic Scaffolder’ Certification after 2 years period.

        Following 4 years experience ‘Advanced Scaffolder’ certification can usually be undertaken. They say it takes up to 10 years experience to be proficient at undertaking most types of scaffold. We employ a number of scaffolders, supervisors and managers who are trained and certified to British Standards. Our scaffolds are erected to Canadian Codes but using methods derived from these standards, widely recognized as the best in the world. We train our workers in these methods and have a set training schedule and program which our employees can progress through, giving them new skills and increasing the professionalism of our workforce.